Name: Ialy Gomes Ferreira
Type: MSc dissertation
Publication date: 13/09/2019

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Eberval Marchioro Advisor *

Examining board:

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Andre Luiz Nascentes Coelho Internal Examiner *
Eberval Marchioro Advisor *
Pablo de Azevedo Rocha External Examiner *

Summary: The variability of water within the soils of a slope is an important issue today, as it contributes to the water recharge of water systems, especially those associated with river headwaters. As a result, this work analyzed the dynamics of subsurface water in an amphitheater-type drainage head under vegetation cover of the Two Mouth Biological Reserve (ES) (REBIO). To develop the study was used the Granular Array Sensor (GMS # watermark), as well as other equipment already installed in the field. Soil profiles were opened in the high, medium and low portion of the two slopes, described by the conventional topographic survey, in order to guide the sensor installation locations and to evaluate the physical and water properties of the drainage head. This verification allowed us to indicate how deep such sensors could act, correlated with the thickness of the horizons along the slope profiles. Subsequently, these data were analyzed within and between slopes, to assess how subsurface water variability along the drainage head would occur. The results show the efficiency of the sensors to monitor the permanent flow of subsurface water, in a concave relief, in all sandy soils. Demonstrating that the technology combined with the search for information regarding the behavior of subsurface water in the soil is extremely important to know the groundwater recharge processes and, consequently, enable the implementation of conservation practices in the watersheds, evidenced in the national scenario by water crisis of significant proportions that affect everything from agriculture to supplying the entire urban population.

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